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‘Deadlock’ is a thoughtfully crafted 6-track EP from punk rock band Crossfire Collision, with a diverse mix of hellishly fast, and catchy melodic punk anthems to keep your hearts pumping.

Released on 1st May 2019



‘Deadlock’ is Crossfire Collision’s fourth release since 2011, this one with a new lineup including Sean Devey on drums and Bruce McDougall on bass. We approached the writing process a bit differently to the past, in that the songs came to life within the practice room, in a much more collaborative effort, as opposed to just one of us writing a completed song by ourselves and presenting it to the rest of the members. ‘Deadlock’ somehow ended up coming out with an overarching theme around different forms of conflict, and you’ll hear that come through within the lyrics of each track.

We also did a lot more pre-production before even entering the recording studio, and paid much more attention to detail when it came to the tracking process and getting the right sound for each instrument.

All of us have different musical tastes and influences, but we are all fans of melodic punk rock and ‘Deadlock’ seems to meet somewhere within that genre, with influences from poppier punk bands like State Champs, The Menzingers, and Trophy Eyes, to melodic punk bands such as Useless ID and NUFAN, as well as other classic Fat Wreck Chords bands we grew up listening to.

Thanks to all our friends and family for the support! As well as all the local and international bands we’ve shared the stage with, or just given us a high five.
Special thanks to Steve Nagasaki for the top quality mastering, and Charles Knighton-Pullin for the savvy guitar tech advice and amps. Thanks to the Pooch band members for the gang vocals on ‘Bohemian Rapture Me’.

And a BIG thank you to you!

1. Childless Dad Bod 02:47
2. Deadlock 03:30
3. Excuse Me! My Eyes Are Down Here 02:51
4. Maybe Next Year 03:02
5. The Girl From Dublin 02:36
6. Bohemian Rapture Me 03:15

Recorded in 2018/2019 at D.D.M Studios in Cape Town, South Africa.
Engineered and Mixed by Devon Martindale
Mastered by Steve Nagasaki at Nagasaki Sound, Las Vegas, USA
Artwork, illustration and layout by Sean Devey (

Crossfire Collision is:
Matthew James – Vocals and Guitars
Devon Martindale – Guitars and Vocals
Sean Devey – Drums
Bruce McDougall – Bass

2 reviews for Deadlock [2019] Digipak

  1. Matthew James

    Imagine that Hours-era Funeral For a Friend was on Fat Wreck in the late 90s and you’ll get an idea of Crossfire Collision. Wonderful melodic punk with an insurmountable amount of heart. Favorite track: The Girl From Dublin.
    – Chris

    [source: Bandcamp]

  2. Matthew James

    “Crossfire Collision uses blistering melodies as their ultimate weapon of choice to express what they want to say as a band, with guitars constantly being their main source of expression. There would not be a perfect band without some impressive bass lines which are hearable during the entire Deadlock EP. Drums are very well produced, you can hear each drum part working separately entire time and I simply love how the drummer is holding these compositions altogether. Vocals are one of the highlights of this band, they’re not cheesy considering this is a pop punk band who are incorporating all the elements of good old skatepunk music played during the 90s.”

    – Thoughts Words Action blog

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